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A Membership Organization for the Military Reunion Community
About Military Reunions

About Military Reunions

Military Reunion groups are collections of people who served in the country's armed forces, usually in the same ship or unit. There are about 5,000 active U.S. military reunion groups, typically holding reunions every year. Most group members retired in civilian life, and enjoy reconnecting with their military comrades.
To learn more about military reunions, Click Here to see a printable, downloadable PDF file, written by a team of experts. It focuses on reunions as a market for hotels and visitor bureaus, but will be useful for anyone who wants to know more about these reunions. It's a 33-page document similar to a slide show, with a clickable Table of Contents covering these topics:
Overview of the Military Reunion Market
WHO is involved in the Military Reunion Market?  
WHAT is the Military Reunion Market?   
WHEN do the reunions take place?   
WHERE - Which City?  
WHERE - Which Hotel?  
WHY should I be interested in this market?
HOW can I participate in it?