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Join the Alliance
Here you join the Alliance by completing a membership application and paying your dues. Your membership will be effective as soon as you complete the Membership Application—we do not wait until we have your money in hand.
Over 90% of our funding comes from the dues of Supporting Members, so your dues are very important to us and our work. Nevertheless, we know that payments can take time to arrange. If you'd like, you can join now and pay your dues later. The main thing is to join.
Step 1 – Complete the Online Membership Application
Click Here to see the Application. Fill it out, and you're in!
As a CVB, you will be a Supporting Member of the Alliance. The name has meaning: you are not only supportive of the Alliance, but of military reunions and of military veterans in general.
Step 2 – Pay Your Dues 
Dues are $100 for one year, $175 for two. There is a $50 setup fee for new members. Your total cost is $150 for one year, or $225 for two.
We can send you a personalized invoice if you'd like, but most existing members have done without one. Click Here to download a blank Invoice and a completed IRS Form W-9.
You can pay your dues by check, major credit card, or PayPal.  
Make checks payable to The Alliance of Military Reunions. Send them to
The Alliance of Military Reunions
c/o Louis "Skip" Sander
153 Mayer Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15237-1840
To pay by credit card or PayPal, just click the Pay Now icon below. Please include your organization's name in the Description field at the top of the electronic payment form.

If you have questions or need assistance, send email or call Skip Sander at 412-367-1376.