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Tours and Seminars

Alliance Tours, Seminars, and Town Hall Meetings 
The Alliance works with its supporting members to enhance their familiarization tours (FAM tours), site visits and similar events. Our involvement is of proven benefit to both the host organization and the planners in attendance—hosts and attendees form real, long lasting bonds that often lead to productive business relationships.
You can scroll down or click the links below to see some photos of our seminars to date:
Fairfax, Virginia – Organizational Meeting, 2009
Before the event, we can boost attendance by inviting our members and others on our mailing lists and by promoting the event on our web site. Importantly, we can screen and qualify attendees by selective invitations and other means.
Also before the event, we can conduct an online seminar for the host CVB, hotels and attractions, building or refreshing their understanding of the military reunions market and its special wants and needs.
At the event itself, we can conduct brief, high-powered seminars for everyone involved. They "break the ice," enhance the development of relationships, and give everyone a valuable takeaway. One popular seminar is the Town Hall Meeting, an open discussion session for reunion planners, hotels, attractions, and others in attendance at the event. Another feature is our constantly-updated Military Reunion Handbook, a copy of which can be provided to each attendee.
Our seminars have proven to be extremely valuable to all who attend them. "I've never had the chance to talk about these things before," is a typical response from a reunion planner, "this is the best day I've had in a long, long time!" Hotel and CVB representatives say things like "This was the most interested and qualified group of reunion planners we've ever seen," and "I really learned a lot about reunion groups and their needs."
After the event, a permanent record remains on our web site and in the minds of the attendees, promoting its memory forever in the military reunions community.  
Alliance Seminars, FAM Tours, and Town Hall Meetings
These photos will give you an idea of what we do at our events. People see things and learn things, and people have a lot of fun. Our hosts build relationships that lead to future business.
Seminar and Town Hall Meeting
Boston/Plymouth, Massachusetts

Familiarization Tour
Daytona Beach, Florida
Our Daytona Beach hosts and their guests.
We saw Canada's Snowbirds...
...and our own F-22 Raptor
...and some biplanes
...all up close & personal.
We ate at the beach...
...and enjoyed the Florida sun.

Seminar and Town Hall Meeting
 Erie, Pennsylvania
Our host, VisitErie
Our handicapped van
A Lake Erie sternwheeler
Youthful TV reporters covered our visit

Seminar and Town Hall Meeting
 Portland, Maine
Our host hotel, The Merry Manor Inn
Our meeting, dining, and hospitality room
Maine's "stern and rockbound coast"
Maine has charming lighthouses
Maine has Lobster Bakes...
...and Lobster Men
The Alliance always has interesting Seminars...
...and a productive Marketplace for vendors

Familiarization Tour
Newport News, Virginia
A happy group at the Victory Arch in Newport News!
Building an aircraft carrier

Seminar and Town Hall Meeting
 Branson, Missouri
Almost a hundred leaders, planners and vendors spent an evening of quality time together,
matching their needs and wants, courtesy of The Alliance of Military Reunions. Sweet!
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Breakout Session: Planning The Ideal Reunion
Barbara Fairchild entertains Alliance members
Vendors wined and dined us, and we took the time to hear what they had to say. Everybody benefited.
Suppliers and buyers forged new and meaningful relationships.
It wasn't ALL just education and business!
Steering Committee Meeting
 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Hard at work
Inspecting artwork prepared by LaRoche College graphic design and communication teams
Happy campers, steering a happy course
Exercising in place
A day well spent!
Organizational Meeting
 Fairfax County, Virginia – June, 2009
Chowing down to break the ice
Serious planning
Our benefactor: Dean Miller, of Fairfax County, VA
A patriotic welcome by the Airmen of Note
Down to business: forming the Alliance
Did the original Founding Fathers work this hard?
Lunch with Fairfax County hoteliers
Skip is happy in the end!