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Reunion Scholarships

Reunion Scholarships

The Alliance is creating a program of scholarships to help veterans attend their military reunions. If we are successful, we expect that the scholarships will range from $100-$500.
Our work started in mid-May, and we hope to begin awarding scholarships in time for the 2018 reunion season. We expect to establish a donor base among Americans who honor the service of our veterans. The number of scholarships will depend on the success of our fundraising efforts.
At this time, we plan to award scholarships to individual veterans whose reunions are members of the Alliance. The first step in this is to renew our contacts with military reunion groups. We will also be reaching out to new reunion groups, asking them to join the Alliance. Don't worry we will not be asking for money from any reunion group. They are the ones who will be getting the money, not providing it.
We will also be establishing a Scholarship Advisory Board, made up of participants from every service. Their role will be to assure that our program meets the needs of the reunion groups and their members.
Watch this page for further news about our efforts.